Explaining Kubernetes to a Five Year Old

A friend of mine pointed me to a twitter thread on how to explain Kubernetes to a five year old. Since I have a two year old, this immediately popped into my head.

I’ve seen the Lonely Goatherd scene from The Sound of Music many a time – my daughter absolutely loves it. And it seems to be a fairly good explanation for Kubernetes. Hear me out:

Stage = Kubernetes Cluster

The stage is the Kubernetes cluster where the application is deployed. This includes the Nodes, environment, config maps, secrets, etc.

Puppets = Containers/Pods/Microservices

The puppets are the actual microservices made up of Pods and Containers.

Julie Andrews = DevOps

Julie Andrews (Maria) is the poor DevOps soul who is staving off disaster with kubectl, helm charts, APIs, etc.

Kids = Kubernetes Scheduler

The Kids are (mostly) doing what Julie (DevOps) is telling them to do. They are adding and removing the puppets (containers) as she has directed.

Audience = End Users

The Audience is the end users of the application… but let’s not kid ourselves – this app is not in production, so the audience is really QA. 🙂

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