JC Version 1.20.0 Released

I’m excited to announce the release of jc version 1.20.0 available on github and pypi. jc now supports over 100 standard and streaming parsers. Thank you to the Open Source community for making this possible!

jc can be installed via pip or through several official OS package repositories, including Debian, Ubuntu, Fedora, openSUSE, Arch Linux, NixOS Linux, Guix System Linux, FreeBSD, and macOS. For more information on how to get jc, see the project README.

To upgrade with pip:

$ pip3 install --upgrade jc

    What’s New

    • Add YAML output option with the -y option
    • Add top -b standard and streaming parsers tested on linux
    • Add plugin_parser_count, standard_parser_count, and streaming_parser_count keys to jc -a output
    • Add is_compatible function to the utils module
    • Fix pip-show parser for packages with a multi-line license field
    • Fix ASCII Table parser for cases where centered headers cause mis-aligned fields

    New Parsers

    top -b command parser

    Support for the top -b command. (Documentation)

    $ top -b -n 3 | jc --top -p
        "time": "11:20:43",
        "uptime": 118,
        "users": 2,
        "load_1m": 0.0,
        "load_5m": 0.01,
        "load_15m": 0.05,
        "tasks_total": 108,
        "tasks_running": 2,
        "tasks_sleeping": 106,
        "tasks_stopped": 0,
        "tasks_zombie": 0,
        "cpu_user": 5.6,
        "cpu_sys": 11.1,
        "cpu_nice": 0.0,
        "cpu_idle": 83.3,
        "cpu_wait": 0.0,
        "cpu_hardware": 0.0,
        "cpu_software": 0.0,
        "cpu_steal": 0.0,
        "mem_total": 3.7,
        "mem_free": 3.3,
        "mem_used": 0.2,
        "mem_buff_cache": 0.2,
        "swap_total": 2.0,
        "swap_free": 2.0,
        "swap_used": 0.0,
        "mem_available": 3.3,
        "processes": [
            "pid": 2225,
            "user": "kbrazil",
            "priority": 20,
            "nice": 0,
            "virtual_mem": 158.1,
            "resident_mem": 2.2,
            "shared_mem": 1.6,
            "status": "running",
            "percent_cpu": 12.5,
            "percent_mem": 0.1,
            "time_hundredths": "0:00.02",
            "command": "top",
            "parent_pid": 1884,
            "uid": 1000,
            "real_uid": 1000,
            "real_user": "kbrazil",
            "saved_uid": 1000,
            "saved_user": "kbrazil",
            "gid": 1000,
            "group": "kbrazil",
            "pgrp": 2225,
            "tty": "pts/0",
            "tty_process_gid": 2225,
            "session_id": 1884,
            "thread_count": 1,
            "last_used_processor": 0,
            "time": "0:00",
            "swap": 0.0,
            "code": 0.1,
            "data": 1.0,
            "major_page_fault_count": 0,
            "minor_page_fault_count": 736,
            "dirty_pages_count": 0,
            "sleeping_in_function": null,
            "flags": "..4.2...",
            "cgroups": "1:name=systemd:/user.slice/user-1000.+",
            "supplementary_gids": [
            "supplementary_groups": [
            "thread_gid": 2225,
            "environment_variables": [
            "major_page_fault_count_delta": 0,
            "minor_page_fault_count_delta": 4,
            "used": 2.2,
            "ipc_namespace_inode": 4026531839,
            "mount_namespace_inode": 4026531840,
            "net_namespace_inode": 4026531956,
            "pid_namespace_inode": 4026531836,
            "user_namespace_inode": 4026531837,
            "nts_namespace_inode": 4026531838

    top -b command streaming parser

    Support for the top -b command. This is a streaming parser and it outputs JSON Lines. (Documentation):

    $ top -b | jc --top-s

    v1.20.1 Updates

    • Add postconf -M parser tested on linux
    • Update asciitable and asciitable-m parsers to preserve case in key names when using the -r or raw=True options.
    • Add long options (e.g. --help, --about, --pretty, etc.)
    • Add shell completions for Bash and Zsh
    • Fix id parser for cases where the user or group name is not present

    postconf -M command parser

    Linux support for the postconf -m command. (Documentation):

    $ postconf -M | jc --postconf -p          # or jc -p postconf -M
        "service_name": "smtp",
        "service_type": "inet",
        "private": false,
        "unprivileged": null,
        "chroot": true,
        "wake_up_time": null,
        "process_limit": null,
        "command": "smtpd",
        "no_wake_up_before_first_use": null
        "service_name": "pickup",
        "service_type": "unix",
        "private": false,
        "unprivileged": null,
        "chroot": true,
        "wake_up_time": 60,
        "process_limit": 1,
        "command": "pickup",
        "no_wake_up_before_first_use": false

    Long Options

    jc now supports long CLI options:

        -a,  --about        about jc
        -C,  --force-color  force color output even when using pipes (overrides -m)
        -d,  --debug        debug (double for verbose debug)
        -h,  --help         help (--help --parser_name for parser documentation)
        -m,  --monochrome   monochrome output
        -p,  --pretty       pretty print output
        -q,  --quiet        suppress warnings (double to ignore streaming errors)
        -r,  --raw          raw output
        -u,  --unbuffer     unbuffer output
        -v,  --version      version info
        -y,  --yaml-out     YAML output
        -B,  --bash-comp    gen Bash completion: jc -B > /etc/bash_completion.d/jc
        -Z,  --zsh-comp     gen Zsh completion: jc -Z > "${fpath[1]}/_jc"

    Shell Completions

    Bash and Zsh completions are now available for jc! If your system is already set up for completions you can run the following to enable completions:


    $ jc -B > /etc/bash_completion.d/jc
    $ jc -B > /usr/local/etc/bash_completion.d/jc


    Linux and macOS
    $ jc -Z > "${fpath[1]}/_jc"

    Happy parsing!

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