JC Version 1.6.1 Released

Try the jc web demo! I’m happy to announce that jc version 1.6.1 has been released and is available on github and pypi. To upgrade, run: New Parsers jc now includes 32 parsers! New parsers (tested on linux and OSX) include: du crontab files pip list pip show Updated Parsers ifconfig parser now outputs rx_bytesContinue reading “JC Version 1.6.1 Released”

Bringing the Unix Philosophy to the 21st Century

Try the jc web demo! Do One Thing Well The Unix philosophy of using compact expert tools that do one thing well and pipelining them together to manipulate data is a great idea and has worked well for the past few decades. This philosophy was outlined in the 1978 Foreward to the Bell System TechnicalContinue reading “Bringing the Unix Philosophy to the 21st Century”