Working with JSON in Various Shells

In this article I give a quick snapshot of what it’s like to work with JSON in various traditional and next generation shells. Traditional shells like Bash and Windows Command Prompt (cmd.exe) don’t have built-in JSON support and require 3rd party utilities. Newer shells like NGS, Nushell, Oil, Elvish, Murex, and PowerShell have JSON serialization/deserialization and filtering capabilities built-in for a cleaner experience.

More Comprehensive Tracebacks in Python

Python has great exception-handling with nice traceback messages that can help debug issues with your code. Here’s an example of a typical traceback message: I usually read these from the bottom-up to zero-in on the issue. Here I can see that my program is trying to pop the last item off a list called parsed_line,Continue reading “More Comprehensive Tracebacks in Python”